A review of the interpretation of kevin kline in the movie a fish called wanda

a review of the interpretation of kevin kline in the movie a fish called wanda A fish called wanda (1988), one of the best-loved british comedies of the past 20 years, is a caper story full of wacky characters and clever twists it sends up british stereotypes (inhibition, formality) and american stereotypes (intuitiveness, lack of sophistication.

A movie review by james berardinelli and kevin kline (who won a best supporting actor oscar for the part) a fish called wanda is one of the best-constructed. Fish called wanda was pretty funny and had its share of memorable scenes, and even jamie lee who i generally don't find to be too funny, works here its mainly john cleese and kevin kline who make the movie for me. Available on dvd/blu-ray, plus trailers and reviews for a fish called wanda classic comedy following four variously dysfunctional people who team up to commit armed robbery stars john cleese, jamie lee curtis and kevin kline in an oscar-winning performance. A fish called wanda is john cleese's favorite of his own films though the film's sequel, fierce creatures also starred cleese, kline, curtis and palin, it was as big a bomb (both commercially and with audiences and critics) as wanda was successful.

Sex, cruelty, comedy, and the cast in a fish otto in a fish called wanda kline, off our movie of the week discussion of a fish called wanda with. A fish called wanda is 1998 comedy caper film starring john cleese, kevin kline, jamie lee curtis, and michael palin the film follows a planned jewel heist by gangster george thomason (tom. A fish called wanda (mgm, 108 minutes, rated r, 1988 - with kevin kline, john cleese, and jamie lee curtis) question: why is dogevals writing about a fish movie answer: because of the dogs. In a fish called wanda, for example, a character played by kevin kline is very particular about one thing: don't you ever call me stupid he is then inevitably called stupid on a number of occasions, leading to the payoff when his girlfriend explains to him in great detail why and how he is stupid and lists some of the stupid.

Synopsis: in london, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to double cross each other for the loot review: a diamond heist in london hits a snag when two of the robbers - sexy wanda (jamie lee curtis) and her brother otto (kevin kline in an oscar-winning performance) - set [. One of the best black comedies of the 1980s, a fish called wanda revels in poking fun at stereotypes: neither british nor americans are ever completely off the hook representing the yanks, jamie lee curtis finally received a role worthy of her ample comic sensibilities, and kevin kline's antagonistic wackiness secured him a best supporting acto. A fish called wanda reviews & commentary parents guide did you know trivia kevin kline begged john cleese to let otto speak french instead of.

A fish called wanda fish or jamie lee curtis does it matter who it is - fish or actress the film starts with a great plan to steal diamonds and share among 4 friends - wanda( jamie lee curtis ), killer otto ( kevin kline ) , ( micheal palin ) as kkkkken pline and. Check out the exclusive tvguidecom movie review and see our movie rating for a fish called wanda (michael palin), and ex-cia assassin, otto (kevin kline)--pull off a well-executed jewel heist. A fish called wanda review a hot tempered george thomason (tom georgeson), pet lover ken pile (michael palin), weapons maestro otto west (kevin kline) and con artist wanda gershwitz (jamie lee curtis) have plan on stealing a jewel. A fish called wanda (1988) was written by john cleese and charles crichton it was directed by crichton and stars cleese, jamie lee curtis, kevin kline, michael palin and tom georgeson running. Kevin kline gleefully tortures fish lover michael palin (with fish and chips) in a fish called wanda kline won the best supporting actor oscar for his performance -- a rarity for a comedy film.

'a fish called wanda' a fish called wanda it is the americans, kevin kline and jamie lee curtis, who net most of the comedy here the fish chomping and a few other grimly comic. A fish called wanda is a rollicking, madcap crime comedy that is only slightly dated in tone and 80's soundtrack the london setting provides an interesting cultural backdrop for the movie's main characters--two americans and two brits. There are many ways of triggering laughs in films and these very often depend on where a movie is made and kevin kline a fish called wanda is released in the. Nominated for three academy awards® and winning one for kline s outstanding supporting turn as the psychopathic otto, a fish called wanda has stood the test of time, earning its rightful place among its creators remarkable comedy pedigree.

  • A fish called wanda is remastered on blu-ray again, this time with a 4k restoration if you don't currently own the movie on blu-ray, now's a good time to get it the movie is about a group of thieves who pull off a jewel heist in london there's gangster george thomason (tom georgeson.
  • A fish called wanda is a new classic that people remember and love and was a good choice for the new blu-ray makeover and re-release if you loved the movie back in 1988 this version will.

Audience reviews for a fish called wanda it took me three attempts to get through this film, and everyone i've told about the challenge it presented me has looked at me like i have three heads. In a fish called wanda, jamie lee curtis plays an ambitious con artist who uses every ounce of her sexual wiles to obtain a fortune in jewels stolen by her gangster lover tom georgeson first, she romances georgeson's dimwitted but deadly henchman kevin kline (who won an academy award for his performance. Buy a fish called wanda: kevin kline is the perfect foil for her so i will not attempt to review the movie here and will limit my comments to the technical.

A review of the interpretation of kevin kline in the movie a fish called wanda
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